Revitalizing & Enhancing
the Open Source 3D WebGIS
of MayaArch3D

The Revitalizing and Enhancing MayaArch3D Project is revitalizing and enhancing the 3D WebGIS component of the MayaArch3D Project, which integrates 3D models of cities, terrain, and objects with associated, geo-referenced data for humanities scholarship.

Project Objectives:

  1. Review existing code of the 3D WebGIS
  2. Define concrete steps to:
    • make the system more customizable and extensible
    • add functionality for dynamic interchange of 3D models
    • develop a friendlier UX (User Experience)
    • revamp the infrastructure to store and call up 3D models from an open source repository.

Broader project outcomes enhance the humanities in several ways:

  1. documentation for a customizable open source 3D WebGIS
  2. 3D WebGIS for data management and preservation for cultural heritage
  3. 3D WebGIS to foster scholarly collaboration
  4. contribute to 3D digital data preservation and access by designing infrastructure in collaboration with libraries
screenshot of 3d model