Westward Through Nebraska
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
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1.Mr. Handershot, standing in the foundation of an old ranch house, on the Oregon Trail northwest of Hebron72
2.Giant cottonwood tree on the Trail northwest of Hebron73
3.Ruts of Oregon Trail made as wagons climbed out of the draw in which the cottonwood grows74
4.Near the Narrows, northwest of Oak. Tracks plainly visible79
5.At the Narrows, where the Trail dropped to the first bottom79
6.Projecting spur of upland at the Narrows80
7."Coast of the Nebraska", or Platte River, Northwest of Kenesaw95
8.The lone grave, northwest of Kenesaw95
9.Oregon Trail Monument on site of old Fort Kearney105
10.Rough broken land near beginning of descent into Ash Hollow143
11.Bluffs facing Ash Hollow143
12.At the top of Windlass Hill144
13.Windlass Hill144
14.Mitchell Pass160
15.Tracks of the Oregon Trail still visible in Mitchell Pass161
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