Westward Through Nebraska - Introduction
University of Nebraska - Lincoln


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Libraries is pleased to present "Westward Through Nebraska"-a small project that involved digitization of five texts on the westward movement through Nebraska along the Oregon Trail and the Union Pacific rail lines. None of these titles have previously been digitized, and all are of some historical interest. The texts, with the exception of the work by Mildred Krouch (UNL MA 1937), were selected to present a traditional 19th Century view of the push westward. As the years pass, many of the old landmarks along the Oregon Trail are being obliterated. Krouch's thesis is a measure of the changes wrought in the last seventy years.

The project is part of the Colorado Digitization Program's four-state "Western Trails Project" funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The texts have been encoded using Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) and eXtensible mark-up language (XML). Titles are also cataloged on OCLC in MARC format. They are presented here in HTML using XSLT stylesheets. Western Trails Project participants from UNL are: Dee Ann Allison, Zach Bajaber, Margaret Mering, Brian Pytlik Zillig, Melissa Sinner, Barb Turner, and Katherine Walter.

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