Westward Through Nebraska
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      In 1930 the Oregon Trail Memorial Association sponsored the centennial observance of the establishment of the Oregon Trail as a highway of national significance. Previous to that time state historical societies, patriotic organizations and interested individuals had attempted to gather information relating to the Trail and to show its exact location. Because of the rapidly diminishing number of those who have first-hand knowledge of the Trail, and because of the interest centering around it, the gathering of available information seems highly important for the present generation.

      The Trail in Nebraska has been located by careful survey and the facts are available on the Government Township Survey Plats. No new material regarding the exact location is here presented. After a careful study of such surveys in relation to the topographic maps and soil survey maps of the areas involved, an attempt is made to give some in-

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      terpretation to the geographic significance of the Trail within Nebraska.

      Such a study has been possible only through the kindness and cooperation of many people. The writer especially appreciates the courtesies extended by the State Historical Society, and the helpful suggestions of Dr. A. E. Sheldon and Mrs. C. S. Paine. The Government Township Survey Plats were available through the courtesy of Mr. Dan Swanson, Commissioner of Public Lands and Buildings, offices at the State Capitol.

      Early pioneers, who willingly reminisced and graciously assisted in the gathering of information, include Mr. H. A. Handershot, of Hebron; Mr. H. M. Stanclift, of Alexandria; Mrs. Eva M. Follmer, of Oak.

      Special appreciation is hereby expressed to the members of the staff of the Geography Department at the University of Nebraska. Their interest in the subject, their criticisms and suggestions, particularly those of Dr. N. A. Bengtson, have been a source of challenge and inspiration.

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