Quills and Feathers

The Birds

Quills & Feathers: Literary Birds of the Northern Great Plains includes the main bird species of our region, with the the proper scientific apparati, a color photo, and, when available, audio recordings—the oral "text"—of said species.

Blackbird, Red-Winged


After Lorca

Cowbird, Brown-headed

from My Life on the Plains

Crane, Whooping

from A Cycle of the West

Curlew, Long-Billed

from Earth, Water, and Sky

Dove, Mourning

Cheerful Mourning

Falcon, Peregrine

from The Rites of Autumn

Flicker, Northern


Harrier, Northern

Northern Harrier

Hawk, Red-tailed

Red-tailed Hawk

Heron, Great Blue

Great Blue Heron


Hummingbird, Calliope

from Earth, Water, and Sky

Jay, Blue

The Blue Jay

Junco, Dark-Eyed

Bird Poem II

Mockingbird, Northern


Owl, Great-Horned

from The Rites of Autumn

Pipit, Sprague's

from Missouri River Journals

Prairie-chicken, Greater

from My Indian Boyhood

Sage-Grouse, Greater

from The Rites of Autumn

Sandpiper, Upland

Upland Sandpiper

Screech-Owl, Eastern

Screech Owl

Sparrow, Harris's

from Missouri River Journals

Sparrow, Lark

Lark Sparrow

Vulture, Turkey

Turkey Vultures

from "Spring"