Quills and Feathers


Humanities digital research has been blessed by a good deal of web-based work specializing in a specific author or even text, or upon a more general historical era or field of study — all of which, however, fit quite comfortably within the Library-of-Congress organizational schema (if you will) of traditional academics. And yet perhaps the greatest strength of digital media—and a potential just barely being realized in academia—is its hypertextual and multimedia ability to combine a variety of subject matters, even disciplines, into a single conceptual "Space." Furthermore, this special ability should be fostered, one would think, by any pedagogical philosophy (i.e., the humanities) that values open-ended thinking, interdisiplinarity, and diversity.

Quills & Feathers: Literary Birds of the Northern Great Plains is a site devoted to literature, to authors and their poetry, fiction, and nonfiction prose, centered on the northern Great Plains. It is a digital resource that intertwines the ornithology and literature of our particular bioregion.

Project Director

  • Thomas C. Gannon, Associate Professor, Department of English

CDRH Project Team

  • Katherine Walter, CDRH Co-Chair
  • Becky Aiken, Undergraduate Student Designer
  • Charise Alexander, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Karin Dalziel, Digital Resources Designer
  • Laura Weakly, Metadata Encoding Specialist