Architecture and Architectural Sculpture in 3D

A total of 550 catalogued fragments excavated at the Mon Repos sanctuary are now available.

This ‘virtual museum’ displays 3D models in your browser—just click on any of the icons below. The embedded viewer also has photographs and information about each piece. You may download the original, high-resolution scans of the published fragments.

Several of the orginal objects are on display in the Archaeological Museum of Corfu, and the best-preserved pieces are now in the villa-museum of the idyllic Mon Repos park. The majority, however, are inaccessible to the public—except here.

Terracotta elements

Type 1: Lion waterspout tile (geison)97 models available

Type 2: Tall antefix with the face of a Gorgon or Daedalic maiden33 models available

Type 3: Small antefix with the face of a Daedalic maiden26 models available

Type 4: Disk decorated with a rosette17 models available

Type 5a: Plain pan tile61 models available

Type 5b: Plain cover tile30 models available

Type 5c: Ridge tile18 models available

Terracottas from other sanctuary buildings73 models available

Stone elements

Limestone: column and capital fragments58 models available

Limestone: elements from Doric friezes38 models available

Limestone: wall blocks24 models available

Marble: lion waterspout sima30 models available

Marble: pan tile14 models avaiable

Marble: cover tile26 models available

Marble: architectural ornaments9 models available


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